Keeping women supported in tax time

Sue Clarke is a trusted local accountant at Yarra Valley Accountant. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

After a couple of years of uncertainty, it’s fantastic to see so many women in the Valley and Ranges getting their businesses back on track.

Something that Yarra Valley Accountant’s Sue Clarke has enjoyed helping so many locals with.

“I’ve loved helping so many of these lovely locals to not just survive, but thrive during these tough times,” Ms Clarke said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of women I meet don’t feel their business is taken seriously. So, this tax time I’m calling out to all female business owners to get tougher with your accountant.”

Ms Clarke said if you’re a business owner it’s critical that your accountant specialises in business, not just lodging tax returns.

Lodging your return is important, but if you’re a business owner you need more than just that.

Four basic things you should expect from your Accountant include:

– That they actually understand your business, not just your tax position

– That they explain (in plain English) what your financials mean. This way you’re empowered to set realistic targets and make smart business decisions.

– Proactively advising you if something doesn’t look right (ie. don’t wait for you to ask).

– Offering valuable advice to help you grow and manage your business.

And of course, businesswomen in the Valley and the Ranges have unique issues that need to be considered at tax time, so having a local accountant who understands the land can definitely be helpful.

“Being a woman in business myself, I understand the challenges that come with running a business and raising a family. I also had people in the early days assume my business was a hobby and I loved proving them wrong,” Ms Clarke said.

Ms Clarke’s advice to women in business is this tax time insist your business is taken seriously.

“Get tough with your Accountant this year and demand business advice not just tax lodgement. You’ve worked hard and deserve the business and lifestyle you want for you and your family,” she said.