St Brigid’s Primary School warm and welcoming

St Brigid’s is now taking enrolments for Prep 2023. 270395_10

Set in the heart of Healesville, St Brigid’s Primary School is a warm and welcoming community, enriched by the values of the Catholic faith.

The school provides a contemporary and comprehensive curriculum which immerses students in learning about themselves and the world around them. Learning at St Brigid’s is student-centred and personalised, embracing the diversity of each individual student.

Learning spaces are modern and flexible, offering dynamic experiences. Literacy and numeracy are central to our curriculum and equip students with lifelong skills, as well as fostering in them a love of learning.

The Catholic faith of St Brigid’s permeates all that they do. They celebrate faith through daily prayer and inclusive learning activities. St Brigid’s students are immersed in a rich specialised program of The Arts, Physical Education, STEM and Indonesian.

The Leading Languages Program encourages the Indonesian vocabulary throughout all facets of school life, not just in the Indonesian classroom.

Student wellbeing is seen as a core component to the curriculum with developing students’ personal and interpersonal skills a primary focus.

St Brigid’s prides itself on its values and encourages students, staff and families to support each other as members of our school community.

St Brigid’s is now taking enrolments for Prep 2023. St Brigid’s would love the opportunity to meet with you, show you our school and discuss your child’s enrolment.