Blend of blues and rock and roll charm from Tex Perkins and Matt Walker at The Memo

Matt Walker and Tex Perkins will be gracing the stage at The Memo Friday 10 June. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

By Renee Wood

Australian artists Tex Perkins and Matt Walker will be bringing bold tones, satisfying blues and rock and roll charm to Healesville when they perform at The Memo on Friday 10 June, with special guest Harmony Byrne to join them.

Perkins is a familiar face on the music scene who’s been part of The Beasts, The Cruel Sea, The Dark Horses, The Man In Black a Johnny Cash Tribute show to name a few.

Highly respected singer songwriter Matt Walker is also a well sought after guitarist and producer, working with many great people over his 30 year career.

Most recently, the Aria Award winners have joined together forming The Fat Rubber Band, releasing a debut album in November 2021.

The 10 track album was stirring between the long-time friends for some time, and recordings first began back in 2018.

Initial inspiration came from the Link Wray self-titled 1971 album which was recorded in a chicken shack, with the pair inspired by authentic sounds and ‘supercharged blues’.

“We’re found of our fowl friends, there are also recordings of frogs and crickets on the album,” Perkins said.

“We’re a blues band and there’s songs on the album that you probably call supercharged blues, they start quite sedate but build into the crescendo. So I think that could suit the live situation quite well.”

The song ‘Out There’ is just one of them that embraces the natural soundscape.

“A lot of the vibe of the album is about trying to transport the listener to various places and I guess the initial idea of the album was to make to do recordings that sound like they weren’t from a recording studio, which is by its nature, a very clinical environment,” he said.

“I’ve always been fond of errant sounds and accidental sounds and to let the sounds of reality get in on recordings – dogs barking, doors closing, chairs moving, you know – that’s those sort of touches of reality that just give the listener a sense of being there.”

The recordings also have a local connection due to some being recorded at Walker’s old studio shed when he lived in the Dandenong Ranges.

“Pretty much all the basic tracks were all recorded at Matt’s and then we mixed at Park Studios in Brunswick Melbourne, we did the finishing touches in the mixes there.”

Co-written songs from the album, ballads from the past and well-chosen covers are set to feature in Perkin’s and Walker’s Memo performance.

“I’m just really looking forward to playing these songs now that people have a chance to actually absorb the music,” Perkins said.

The pair have been described as ‘often thrilling, occasionally deeply moving, sometimes a lot of fun but always very satisfying’ which is just what they’re expected to bring to Healesville.

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